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I had the same problem on a Mac. Then I went to options and unchecked full screen and now it runs fine even if I drag and expand the window to fill my screen, and the error is still there. I can deal with this but I am still not happy about it. I jumped into the options and unchecked full screen. It then opened just fine. If you want a Premium Minecraft Account check out this generator.

With it you can generate a unique Minecraft Premium Account which no one else has! Great post.

[Guide] How to fix most crashes in minecraft | Empire Minecraft

I was seeking this certain info for a very long time. Thank you and best of luck. I turned on my full screen option and i got the black screen and i dont have any mods can anyone help me. Can you please help me my computer wont play a version of vanilla minecraft past 1. Since the updates Minecraft displays a black screen with sound after I click play from the launcher.

I hope this helps someone. Thank you so much Shallak!!!!! I have been waiting for so long to find a fix that works for me! Completely forgot about SLI, my hero man!!! You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Download links. Minecrafter Powerful Mod Manager for Minecraft. Home 1. Posts Comments. Uncategorized News. Black Screen The black screen is when you start up Minecraft, login and never get to progress to the main menu. But when you respawn, you don't respawn in your bed! You respawn on the top of a mountain nearby, and no it doesn't say "Your home bed was missing or obstructed. It got pretty annoying, and that's how this bug report ended up here.

Summary: If there is a reasonable amount of lag, and you die, you might not respawn in your bed even if you slept in it and are sure it's unobstructed. Some details will be saved, such as the player's inventory and the state of redstone, but not world details. Will happen only if there are lots of mobs and the system cannot handle it. They do not dissapear when the player moves away, nor when minecraft is restarted.

Occurs even when the dispenser is standing alone away from other blocks -- And this can go on and on for a while. This hasn't caused a crash yet , but I am afraid it might soon. I tried redownloading mine craft, create new worlds and playing in browser but nothing worked! FYI: Al these problems only occurred in the last update and in both single an multiplayer. Continuous uncontrolled breeding.

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Since it normally takes at least an long drop in order to take fall damage when landing in 1-deep water this is a bug. Here is a screenshot demonstration: Setup Result. If you or the mob jump from the ledge instead of walking or being pushed off of it, no fall damage is taken! Image explanation: Setup Result This bug is mainly a problem for various mob farm designs. Created a portal in the overworld at Y: , entered it, went back into the resulting portal in the nether, and ended up in a new portal at ground level. Put torches at head height in the center of the wall, and pressure plates in the corners.

Game cannot find adequate space to release you from the bed, so it stands you up on your bed, suffocating you. They remain frozen until any mouse input left or right click and will then work normally. This happens seemingly at random and in all gamemodes.

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This happens with both external mouse and built in mousepad. I run MacOS X Has been noticed since 1. Vglocus , 16 April UTC. Same vice versa, if you insert a disc with volume muted, the music will not appear to you even if you turn volume up. The music also persists if you pause the game.

It will only quit by removing the disc or returning to main menu. Bilde [X] If you put a disc in a jukebox, turn down your volume to 0, and eject the disc, the music still plays. That means you can move in water like you can on land. I have been able to go through obsidian by just throwing Ender Pearls at the wall extremely fast. Sometimes if you do this you will get stuck in the wall and die, but most of the time you can easily get to the other side of the wall.

It get's really annoying, and it is a minor bug in my view, knowing that this wasn't doing it until the really, REALLY slow log-in was fixed. Should be really easy to reproduce, but it doesn't happen all the time. For me, usually when I go in Singleplayer for a while then go in a server, but not always that way.

Afterwards nether was entered from afar not close to connect to any of the portals and following portals was created:. This has happened several times to me, where I have built a house etc. Unusually some structures have survived in some worlds of mine but others have been completely removed in others. I have no mods installed and same effect happens no matter the texture pack including default. Especially annoying and unavoidable on a superflat map. Building a house and looking out of the window - just pitch black darkness out there. Wandering under trees with fast graphics makes the sky flicker between black and normal.

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Not sure if it's a bug. There's no scenario in which this would make sense. Even if I'm underground, if I see the sky, it's still blue.

Also happens in creative, so not related to the much more annoying and much less sense making void fog. It is extremely annoying with fall traps on PvP servers. Given how fun teleporting can be and how there would be no repercussions in creative, it is sorely missed.

Previous reason for non-stacking stew made sense before potions when it was a healing food, but this is no longer the case. Even short stacks of 16 would make more sense than non-stacking. The text always goes to the right side of the sign. It's not a plugin, mod or bukkit fail. It is produced by the clientside renderer. Here is an Image of it. This can make it harder to get to air in some cases.

Usually, the first level of flow out from the source will disappear, but then fills in with lower levels of flow.

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This is particularly annoying in Creative when you're trying to clear out lava to build something. Dotsarecool , 7 May UTC. Since the center of the village is mostly door dependent, if people build doors high off the ground, the center of the village will be higher than where all the people are, and numvillagers will always be 0 or 1, leading to out of control breeding.

When reading the end credits, exit the game and then come back to the world. When i did this, the enderdragon was back, along with 3 others, but the portal was still there. However, player-spawned Golems work fine. Then in creative mode i tested this and it had the same outcome. My wolves are now stuck in sitting position. I also ended up hitting 2 of them and they started growling but didn't move nor look hostile. This is scaring me a lot! I tried flipping to offline and the wolves stood, but continuously growled at me.

I make the village grow biger, but they don't make any babies. It happens to my friends to. We are playing in 1.