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Thank you Jessica for the informative article. The article was easy to read and understand. The screen shots also helped. I sent my mother to your article since she is new to Mac OS. Good job once again, and keep informing us Novices. I have reformatted a Sandisk usb 2.

I have a Mac I exported a screenflick movie to it.

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Afterwards the usb stick is not recognized by the mac. Now what? With the latest High Sierra on mac the ex-fat files system is not recognised on many devices, have had to return to fat 32 to use my memory sticks. Also files sizes over 2gb are also rejected. Tried 4 times, each time it came back Mac OS Extended journaled.

Jessica, Thank you so much for the clarity and helpfulness of this article, your selflessness is an example to us all.

What do you recommend for this? Thanks for the great article, very useful. I do see one discrepancy. Are there newer variations of the FAT32 format that allow larger files and partition sizes? I never changed to Windows I do have occasion when I look at the flash drives on my computer; are you saying I will not be able to see them on the IPadPro?

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Infortunatly does not work, I had a exFat formatted drive and then Windows decided that it was a Raw driveā€¦. Yes you could use USB flash drive and then do everything your self making folders and deciding what files go where and what Apple app will open them ect.. Moving from your PC to your new Mac?

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Consider it done. Built-in Windows-to-Mac migration in OS X automatically transfers your documents, music, contacts, calendars, and email accounts Outlook and Windows Live Mail , and puts them in the appropriate folders and applications on your new Mac.

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Just like that. And with a One to One membership, an Apple Genius can even transfer your files from your PC and show you how to use all the great apps that come on your Mac.

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Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Ask Question. If both the computers are on the same Wi-Fi network, you can transfer files with some simple software. There are several apps to share large files instantly 4 Best Apps for Sharing Large Files Instantly 4 Best Apps for Sharing Large Files Instantly With these apps, sharing large files with someone in a split second will be the easiest thing you've ever done.

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The best, in our opinion, is Send Anywhere. Send Anywhere has an app for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It even has a web app and a Chrome extension, so you can use it on Chrome OS. You can also use it to transfer files from one computer to many others, or to phones and tablets.

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The kicker? For computer-to-computer transfer, there are some basic cables you can rely on. When using external drives, you are basically transferring between three drives; cables reduce that to two drives. Mac to Mac: Apple has its own proprietary port, Thunderbolt, that lets you create a daisy chain and transfer files between Macs.

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How do you get your old data then? The operating system will recognize it as a new drive. Anker USB 3. You also might want to turn the old hard drive into external storage. The final option is to use the internet.

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Here's how to send large videos from your phone or PC. Read More , though. They all work as well as each other to get the job done. Cloud drives are an excellent option since the size of the files is virtually unlimited, as long as you have enough storage space. Plus, if both the computers are syncing folders locally, then as one uploads files, the other will download simultaneously. If speed is what you want though, then try FilePizza. When you need the right apps to make it happen, try these online instant file-sharing options you may not have heard of.