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This class is guaranteed to teach you Microsoft Word. Once enrolled, you will have access to this Word course for the rest of your life.

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You will always be able to come back to this Word class to review material or to learn new material about how to use Word. Try this course and see for yourself how quickly and easily you can learn Microsoft Word.

Most people don't know this - you can receive great discounts on computers and software by searching for "academic discounts" or "student pricing. What is the most current version of Microsoft Office and Microsoft Excel? This video will show you how to determine the most current versions.

This video will also explain differences in versions. This video details the differences between these versions and lets you know which version you should use and when.

Adjusting settings on videos can improve the video quality and make the video clearer. Many video players allow you to not only adjust the video quality, but also the speed at which the video is playing. Learning about these settings will allow you to adjust videos so that you can watch them in the method that best suits your needs. The are four essential formatting levels which you need to know about in MS Word: character level formatting, paragraph level formatting, section level formatting, and document level formatting.

Styles are super useful for two reasons: 1 they allow you to quickly format, and update the formatting, of your document and 2 they allow you to quickly generate a table of contents.

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Styles allow you to automatically generate a table of contents — watch this video and watch the magic! This is where MS Word really shines — it allows you to easily manage your citations, easily generate a bibliography, and easily switch between any of the popular formatting methods APA, MLA, Chicago. Page numbers are a little bit buggy in MS Word on the Mac. You will also see in this video how to successfully insert page numbers. When presenting information, it is important to know about content and form. Understanding content and form will allow you to more effectively communicate your message to your audience.

Learn how to insert a picture into a Word document. This video also talks about the intellectual property issues to consider when using images. You will also learn in this video sources from which you can get images. One of the most essential things you need to know about formatting a picture is text wrapping. Watch this video to learn how to use text wrapping along with other very cool picture formatting techniques. There are still some other great things to look forward to learning: printing a document, mail merge, word art, and page background are just a few!

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We have some amazing things to cover still in this course. Here is an outline of what I want to show you through the rest of the course. Dictation is a tool that you can use to have your computer type up whatever you speak to it. The style switcheroo is fast.

The style switcheroo is awesome.

I really love installing fonts on my computer. Fonts can really change the look of your document and convey a certain feel to your audience. This video is going to show you how to find, download, and install fonts on your computer so that you can get the look you want in your document.

In addition, this video will also give you more insight into my life and probably surprise you. Take a look at how tabs can help you format and layout your document. This video is going to show you what the format painter can do for you! Being able to use nonprinting characters well is essential to being able to use Microsoft Word well.

Often we have to write a document of a certain length, and often this length is specified in words. Are you a good writer? Are people going to be able to read what you wrote? This is a little known feature of MS Word, but a fantastic feature: seeing readability statistics about your document. This feature will give you metrics on the readability of your document.

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Why, oh why, do I even have to show this? Autocorrect is a very cool feature that automatically corrects common typos. You can also use autocorrect to leave a surprising message for somebody. Take a look! Here is my friendly dinosaur, the thesaurus. This is a great feature for documents that you print on a regular basis.

Hyperlinks allow you to link portions of your document to something else: a webpage, another area within your document, or even to an email already addressed to a particular person. Take a look at how hyperlinks work and at how easy it is to use them. This is an age-old, time-tested method, widely known and used by the tech support community for fixing problems. In Word on the Mac, you do not have as many options for configuring how you print as you do with Word on Windows.

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That said, there are some good things to know about when it comes to printing. This video will show you the different options available, and how to use them. Watermarks are fun to add to documents and they give your document personality.

This video will show you just how easy it is to add a watermark to your document. See how to make your document bright yellow, and how to also line it with a border of palm trees. Feel like being a lawyer? Feel like making your documents look like they came from a lawyer? Line numbers put, well, numbers next to all of your lines.

Take a look at what line numbers are, and how you can use them! Want a fancy looking cover page? Just like its name implies, word art gives you words that have an artistic quality to them. The equation editor lets you put mathematical equations into your document. Take a look at how to use it. Templates are super fantastic. Why recreate the wheel? If something has already been built, and if you can use it, then by all means, use it. There are many different areas within Word where you can select options that impact your document.